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 Friday, May 1, 2009
Once again, sorry. We haven't exactly had any time to get on to update this. Thanks for the little support we've had with visitors and such. We have gotten farther in our writing although Saoirse won't be on to update her book page unless I, Megan, can convince her to find time to update it.... I have actually gotten a book done and I'm still trying to write the Faerie book which is coming along great! I don't know how Saoirse is doing with her writing but you might find out soon. Maybe...

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   We are humans! Haha, yeap, that 'tis what we are. And we're crazy, wacko, fun, floundering idiots. Yeap, that's the type of humans we are. We'll let you know if we become anything other than that. Away to space!