Megan's Books

This is my page. I am a beginning author and some of my writing styles aren't the greatest. I'll have to work on that. So far, I am working on 3 books and I have finished one. You can read the descriptions below.

The First Assateague Arabian

This is the first book that I started working on. It is more of a children's book. The First Assateague Arabian was inspired by my trip to Virginia's small islands of Assateague and Chincoteague. While I was there, I fell in love with this gorgeous Chincoteague pony whom I named Sundance. This book is about Sundance's mother, Ice. It tells of Ice's childhood and a little bit of her adulthood. So yes, it is a children's book with talking horses and a wolf too! Yay wolf! Ok I don't know what else it's about yet. I'll update this when I get more done with it. I'm on the 4th chapter if you care at all. No just joking. :) If you would like to read the first chapter, visit our chapter page.

No Name Decided Yet

This one is more of an adult or teen book. It is my second book (no I never published The First Assateague Arabian--I got kinda bored writing it. I'll work on it soon). This one is about a girl living in a bad part of San Fransisco with her boyfriend. The girl, Heather, joins a gang but after a while, she realizes that she is unhappy. She quits the gang and turns to Christ (Yes I am a Christian). After a while, and some troubles with the gang she was once in, the gang leader becomes a Christian. I haven't really thought past that yet and if anyone has a good name for this story, feel free to contact me! I could use some help! If I change anything, I'll update this so you can keep up to date. The first chapter is on our chapters page.

No Name Decided Yet

Lorinda is considered a normal girl. She does everything a normal teenage girl would do. She just moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to a small town in Oregon. She left all her friends and her life behind. She gets some help from her brother and an unexpected stranger in her time of loss but Lorinda, although considered normal, is different. Lorinda has a secret. She is a Faerie.

Lost But Never Forgotten

If you had lost everything, would you be able to survive on your own?

Trevor Mason and his siblings were living a wonderful life with their parents. Then, one day, all that changed. Their parents were brutally murdered and Trevor and his family were left to live on the streets. They worked hard to overcome their ever-growing grief and the many challenges that constantly threatened them. Through a series of incredible and unbelievable events, the come to know Someone who was with them through all their troubles; Someone who loved them. This is their story.